What We Can Do

Scintillator Elements

img_2848Proteus can fabricate and deliver many types of custom configured and finished scintillator elements, typically in 7-10 days. Rods, cylinders, disks, wafers and more complex designs. Polished or matte surfaces. Aluminum or silver coatings. Applied reflector.


High-Precision Arrays

_N9G0024C-w900Proteus delivers high-precision, fine-pitch imaging arrays incorporating non-hygroscopic scintillators, typically LYSO, BGO, YSO, or CsI(Tl). Typical gap thickness of 77.5u permits dense packing fractions. High precision accommodates multi-layer offset designs. Arrays can be provided  integrated with monolithic or segmented light guides.


High Production Capacitiy

Production CapabilitiesWe combine agility for rapid response while supporting ongoing production demands with established capacity . Our manufacturing partners  all have ISO9000 certification.


Organic Crystals

fullsizerenderProteus has provided stilbene and p-terphenyl organic crystal designs laboratory, satellite, and ballon-borne experiments. Rectangular cross-sections can be fabricated, permitting array configurations with high packing fractions.


High Temperature Detectors

duncan BGO2Custom-engineered, high temperature ruggedized designs for gauging, logging, and monitoring environments. Temperatures to 175C. Performance results are acquired at high temperature and at appropriate energies (AmBe source) designed for your  operating conditions.